Animal by-products Registration/動物副産物の登録

For registration, please send email to registration department on email id: &

Animal by-products are entire animal bodies, parts of animals, products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals that are not fit or intended for human consumption.
Animal by-products include but to limited to:
 animal carcasses and parts of animal carcasses – including fish
 manure from farmed animals
 blood, hides, skins, hooves and horns, intestines
 feathers, wool, hair and fur

Steps to import “animal by products” or “any product derived from animal” into Japan:

As per the Regulations 2009 (I.R.I No. 2006 of 2015) and in order to import animal product; animal derived product into Japan is subjected to strict import regulations. Company intending to export edible animal meat, edible or inedible animal by product, and products derived from animal origin must register their company & product with Animal Health Bureau of Japan.

Animal By-Products and Animal Derived product and the applicant must comply with the Japan’s Communities (Animal By-Products) and in accordance with Animal Health Act 245. All personal data processed by the Animal Health Bureau of Japan will take place in accordance with the law on Data Protection and will only be for the purposes connected to the functions of this department.

Please note the following:

– Permits are issued on a case-by-case basis. A copy of the approved permit will be sent to the applicant.
– As the introduction of epidemic animal diseases into the Japan through the import of products of animal origin that importers bring with them, the import of such products into the Japan is subject to strict veterinary regulation.
– 2. Products of animal origin must be obtained from animals which fulfil the animal health conditions laid down by the relevant Community legislation.

For registration, please send email to registration department on email id: &

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2009年規則(2015年のI.R.I No. 2006)に従い、動物製品を輸入するため。日本への動物由来製品は厳しい輸入規制の対象となります。食用動物肉、食用または非食用動物を製品ごとに輸出する予定の会社、および動物由来の製品は、日本の動物衛生局に会社を登録する必要があります。



– 2.動物由来の製品は、関連する地域の法律で定められた動物の健康条件を満たす動物から入手する必要があります。