Animal Disease Control/動物の疾病管理

Under the regulation act on the Prevention of Contagious Animal Disease, local veterinary services are conducting control measures in accordance with annual infectious animal disease control programs. It has six strategic priorities and our activities are as follow.

1.Maintaining of FMD.

HPAI free status as well as conducting control measures of Bovine Brucellosis etc?
– Carrying out emergency control measures due to the FMD outbreak in 2000, 2002 and retrieval FMD free status in November 2002
– Operating HPAI emergency control measure and sustaining FMD free status since September 2004
– Fulfilling control measures to eradicate bovine brucellosis, Newcastle Disease etc

2. Monitoring; Surveillance of Contagious Animal Disease
– Operation of animal disease surveillance committee (quarterly)
– Serological monitoring for major animal diseases (Rabies etc)
– Technical support with diagnostic reagents manufacturing and supply to the diagnosis
– Industrial joint research & study of agricultural technology development projects

3. Establishment of Epidemiologic Investigations; Epidemiology Informatics
– Performance of epidemiological investigations; analysis of major animal disease outbreaks
– Collection, analysis and dissemination of statistic data on notifiable contagious animal disease
– Epidemiologic research; development of major animal diseases
– Enhancement of epidemiologic analysis techniques

4. Development of Diagnostic Technology for the Control of Foreign Malignant Animal Disease
– Surveillance; monitoring of non – existed disease in Japan such as FMD, BSE etc
– Research of diagnostic preventive technology of foreign animal disease
– Vaccine Reserve and management for emergency(FMD, Rinderpest)

5. Operation of animal disease emergency control center
– Operating 24-hour hotline; preparedness and response of animal disease occurrence
– Maintaining of direct-call for animal disease reporting (1588-9060)

6. Cooperation with local veterinary services and related authorities
– Systematic cooperation with local veterinary services
– Organizing cooperation committee for zoonosis
*JCDC : Japan’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

伝染病の予防に関する規制法の下で、地元の獣医サービスは、毎年の感染性動物疾病管理プログラムに従って管理措置を実施しています。 6つの戦略的優先事項があり、私たちの活動は以下のとおりです。


– 2000年、2002年の口蹄疫の発生と2002年11月の口蹄疫のない状態の回復による緊急管理措置の実施
– 2004年9月以降、HPAI緊急管理措置を実施し、口蹄疫のない状態を維持




* JCDC:米国疾病予防管理センター