Animal Health Bureau works include includes action to help prevent, plan for and deal with disease, including veterinary surveillance, controls on livestock movement, identification and traceability, animal by-products and the control of imports and exports.


• ensure appropriate contingency plans to deal with any animal disease outbreaks
• are working to improve animal welfare by placing a duty of care on the people responsible
• ensure animal by-products comply with regulations, and act as competent authority in certain circumstances, to protect animal and public health
• control the movement of animals via livestock identification, imports and exports
• carry out a range of animal welfare inspections to help protect consumers interests and maintain high standards of welfare


Animal health and welfare policy of AHB (ANIMAL HEALTH BUREAU), with the exception of the veterinary profession, veterinary medicines and international negotiations, is devolved to Law Maker. We work closely with a range of stakeholders, other administrations, regulatory and enforcement authorities to develop evidence based policies.

The Animal Health and Welfare in the Livestock Industry Strategy: 2016 to 2021 is a five-year strategy, tailored to needs. The strategy was prepared in consultation with farming organizations, animal welfare organizations and veterinary scientists.
The Animal health and welfare framework 2002 to 2018 sets out a risk based approach to the duties carried out by local authorities.

Review of field delivery of animal health services

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is an agency working on:

• identifying and controlling notifiable endemic and exotic diseases in animals and aspects of surveillance for new and emerging pests and diseases
• scientific research in areas such as bacterial, viral, prion and parasitic diseases and vaccines; they act as an international reference laboratory for many farm animal diseases
• facilitating international trade in animals and products of animal origin
• regulating the safe disposal of animal by-products to reduce the risk of potentially dangerous substances entering the food chain

The budget to support the delivery of Animal Health Bureau (AHB) activities was devolved to Law Maker in April 2011 with a condition that the Agency would continue to be funded to deliver these service.
The review of field delivery of animal health services was received and approved work to begin scoping out and evaluating a possible veterinary service.





AHB(ANIMAL HEALTH BUREAU)の動物の健康と福祉の方針は、獣医の専門家、獣医学、国際交渉を除いて、立法者に委ねられています。私たちは、さまざまな利害関係者、他の行政機関、規制当局、および執行当局と緊密に協力して、証拠に基づく政策を策定します。